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New CarrierPro Helps with Fuel Savings, Factoring and More

The exclusive browser and mobile app is more robust than ever before.

In April 2017, we launched a new version of CarrierPro that provides more ways for our members to save time and money when operating their fleets.

CarrierPro is available as a desktop browser or a mobile app that can be downloaded for free on your Android or iOS device. You must be a customer of RTS Carrier Services or RTS Financial to use CarrierPro.

As with earlier versions, CarrierPro provides up-to-date fuel discount information at the more than 1,250 fuel stops in the nationwide RTS Carrier Services Fuel Network. You can customize your search for fuel discounts by route, state or highway. Additionally, you can sort that information by fuel price, station amenities or station brands (Pilot Flying J or the RTS Plus Network).

New CarrierPro Features

Here are the new capabilities that make CarrierPro an even more effective resource for your trucking company:

  • If you are a factoring customer with RTS Financial, you can now use CarrierPro to upload invoices, load documents and images from your phone to your account on Invoice Manager. This helps you manage your online account from any location, saving you time and helping you get paid faster on your receivables.
  • You can narrow your CarrierPro searches by fuel center amenities that include showers, CAT scales, restaurants, service bays, BulkDEF, lounges, lodging and more. If you see incomplete or inaccurate information about a fuel stop’s amenities, you can now easily provide CarrierPro with the correct information.
  • New map icons on CarrierPro make it easier to search for fuel center brands. Pilot Flying J locations are red pins with the letter, “P.” RTS Plus Network fuel stops are blue pins marked with an “R.”
  • You can easily spot areas on the map with a high density of network fuel stops. Clusters of multiple stops near the same location are marked with a blue circle containing the number of stations.

More Improvements to Come

At RTS Carrier Services, we have worked continuously to improve CarrierPro since we first launched the application in September 2013. That process continues and we look forward to adding more capabilities later this year to the browser and mobile app. Our goal is to make CarrierPro a more integral solution to your trucking company’s everyday operational needs.

To learn more about CarrierPro, or to sign up to become an RTS Carrier Services member, call us at (877) 577-7944. If you are already a member, contact your representative to get an activation ID that lets you use CarrierPro.

Download CarrierPro on Your Computer or Mobile Device

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