Pilot Flying J Offers a “Prime” Solution to the Truck Parking Problem

You can reserve truck parking ahead of time using your computer or smartphone.

The nationwide shortage of available parking has been an issue in the trucking industry for more than a decade. The problem may only get worse, as cash-strapped states close highway rest stops and truck drivers’ hours of service are more strictly enforced.

In a recent report, the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) estimated truck drivers spend an average of one hour per day searching for a parking spot. That adds up to about $4,600 in lost wages each year for the average trucker, ATRI reported.

Truck Parking Made Easier

Pilot Flying J now offers a solution to help truck drivers save time and money in their search for parking.

If you have a myRewards membership, you can search for and reserve a parking spot at any of over 750 Pilot and Flying J travel center locations nationwide. If you are on your phone or tablet, you can use the myPilot mobile app to view, search and filter available parking at travel centers along your route. You can use myPilot to reserve a parking spot and check-in time as far in advance as 30 days, and pay for it with your myRewards points.

With more than 750 locations and over 70,000 parking spaces for heavy trucks, Prime Parking is another feature Pilot Flying J offers to help make life easier on the road. To learn more, visit the Pilot Flying J website here.

More Advantages of Pilot Flying J

  • Significant fuel discounts for RTS Carrier Services members at over 750 Pilot Flying J travel centers
  • Convenient locations across 43 U.S. states
  • MyPilot app lets drivers reserve parking or showers and make fuel purchases
  • New, improved Wi-Fi available for free inside travel center buildings
  • MyRewards points awarded on diesel purchases
  • PJ Fresh Marketplace provides healthy, convenient food options